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500 Best Free Proxy Servers List 2018 (Proxy Sites)

Today we are sharing proxy sites for school with fast school proxy servers 2018. You can download the new proxies for school or proxy sites for school 2018. Best free proxy servers list is the most widely used search term in the internet. People often search for the best list of proxy servers 2018. We are here sharing the best proxy sites for school on the special demand of our visitors.

We updating this page of best free proxy servers list for proxies for school on monthly basis. Do visit this page regularly to get latest and updated regarding it.

It is a common knowledge among people that getting a best free proxy servers list can be a tough task. Most of us know how it feels like when useful sites get blocked by the ISP or at the office or university. No doubt, free or an anonymous list of proxy servers can be a life saver in such situations. Sometimes there could be various instances while you are facing issues with regard to accessing favorite sites at public areas. This could be because of certain restrictions and sometimes the webpage would flash out a 404 error or an error such as ‘This webpage is not available’ or ‘This website or URL is blocked’ error.

Basically the easiest and the best means of gaining access to these blocked websites is using a best free proxy servers list 2018 by Qd Tricks. A simple online search would show the proxies for school and it would allow you to access or open the blocked websites present in your school, colleges, government establishments, etc.

Sometimes there are certain websites which are restricted to certain regions by the concerned website owners. So, these proxy servers for school would be accessible in your area. In such cases, anonymous proxy server can easily assist you in gaining access to the given web pages.

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What Is Proxy Servers Or Proxy Website?

Proxy server or website is nothing but a website or server which acts as an intermediary between the destination server and clients. Not only it allows one to gain access to the blocked sites, it even helps an individual in surfing the net anonymously.

proxy sites for school

The biggest advantage of using a best proxy server is it provides random Internet Protocol (IP) address and helps individuals to hide the original ones. Plus, it allows one to surf without the knowledge of the website administrator. You can also avail the free internet on your mobile or computer using this best free proxy servers list.

Proxy Features

The below given are some of the major features:

Hiding IP Address

  • Basically, this is one of the major and basic feature of the web proxy. As discussed above, here the server will not be knowing the real Internet Protocol address and will simply opt for the IP address of the website.

User Agent Masking

  • There are certain free proxy servers which do not provide basic access to some of the user agents (to put it in simple terms for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Here the list of proxy servers would hide the user-agent and provide unlimited access to the given server.

Hiding the SSL Security

  • Basically, it will do a simple encryption communication along with the server. This will make it secure and safe.

Automated Advertisement Removal

  • With regard to proxy sites for school, they will automatically clear all the ads like Google AdSense ads from the given website before it gets delivered to you.
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Cookie Management

  • Here it checks whether or not cookies are allowed on the PC.

Types Of Proxy Server

Virtual Private Server

An easy means for gaining access to blocked sites is using the VPN. However, many of them are not free and there are monthly or yearly payment which have to be done for getting the VPN. If you have got the required cash or payment to unblock the websites through the VPN, then it is a good thing, otherwise you can check out the best free proxy servers list and select the best proxy sites for school ones from it. Also check our recently shared article on how to get free internet using NMD VPN.

Reverse Proxy Server

A proxy website has the unique feature of hiding the identity of the client and remote users. But there is another server called reverse proxy server that hides the major identity of the server. A well defined and excellent definition of reverse proxy server is given in Wikipedia. A reverse proxy server is normal which retrieves the resources on the behalf of the client from a single or more servers. Basically, a reverse proxy server is an intermediary for the nearby or associated servers. Plus it returns the resources which are provided by the associated servers too.

500 Best Free Proxy Servers List 2018

proxy servers list 2018

The below given are the best free proxy servers list 2018. Most of them are HTTPS supported and even some of them provide with the basic feature of changing the IP address. There are a total of 500 list of proxy servers and they are quite easy to keep list of.

No.List Of Proxy Servers 2015
1FilterByPass –
2Unlock My Web –
3Proxy Site –
4Hide My Ass –
5Proxify –
6Free YouTube Proxy –
7Proxy –
8England Proxy –
9Unblocker –
10Fast USA Proxy –
11New IP Now –
12Anonymouse –
13Hidden Digital Info –
14Anony Mizer –
15K Proxy –
16Don’t Filter –
17Working Proxy –
18Proxy 2014 –
19Prox Me Call Me Names –
20Change IP & Country –
21VTunnel –
22Rapid Proxy –
23Ninja Cloak –
24Proxyo –
25DeFilter –
26Quick Proxy –
27Free Proxy Server –
28Free You Proxy Tube –
29The Best Proxy –
30VPN Browse –
31Proxy 2014 –
32Just Proxy –
33Extreme Proxy –
34Fast School Proxy –
35Remove Filters –
36Monster Proxy –
37Hide Me Ass –
38UK – Proxy –
39Proxy One –
40Hide The Internet –
41Web Proxy Free –
42World Cup Proxy –
43View Youtube –
44Proxay –
45Greatest Free Proxy –
46Mega Proxy –
47Crazy Proxy –
48IP Switcher –
49Hide My Trax Proxy –
50Stardoll Proxy –
51Proxy 4 Freedom –
52Fish Proxy –
53See Proxy –
54Surf Proxy –
55Sporium –
56Saoudi Proxy –
57Proxy Browse –
58Proxy Internet –
59Ca Proxies –
60Proxy 2015 –
61FB Proxies –
62PK Proxy –
63America Proxy –
64Suede Proxy –
65Korea Proxy –
66Brazil Proxy –
67ECXS –
68Zalmos Web Proxy –
69Canada Proxy –
70King Surf Proxy –
71US Proxies –
72US Proxy –
73Zacebook –
74Your Proxy –
75Just Unblock It –
76Go Proxy –
77Network Bypass –
78Me Hide –
79Proxy This –
80PHP Proxy –
81Xite Now –
824Ever Proxy –
83KProxy Site –
84Surf for Free –
85Intern Cloud –
86Pro Intern –
87Singapore Proxy –
88Work Host –
89Travel VPN –
90Fast Time –
91Rexoss –
92Hide IP Proxy –
93Host App –
94Proxy Pirate –
95Pun Proxy –
96Hide N Seek –
97Orange Proxy –
98Free Publick Proxy –
99Push Proxy –
100Cool Proxy –
101Proxy Tube –
102Free Open Proxy –
103Hope Proxy –
104Safe Proxy –
105Private Surf –
106Europe Proxy –
107tealth Proxy –
108SSL Proxy –
109Proxy Power –
110Web Surf –
111You Server –
198Math Course
199Unblocker –
200Fast USA Proxy –
201Anonymouse –
202Hidden Digital Info –
203Anony Mizer –
204K Proxy –
205Don’t Filter –
206Working Proxy –
207Just Proxy –
208Extreme Proxy –
209Fast School Proxy –
210Remove Filters –
211Monster Proxy –
212Hide Me Ass –
213UK – Proxy –
214Proxy 2014 –
215Prox Me Call Me Names –
216Change IP & Country –
217VTunnel –
218Rapid Proxy –
219Ninja Cloak –
220Unlock My Web –
221Proxy Site –
222Hide My Ass –
223Free YouTube Proxy –
224Proxy –
225England Proxy –
226Proxyo –
227DeFilter –
228Quick Proxy –
229Mega Proxy –
230Crazy Proxy –
231IP Switcher –
232Hide My Trax Proxy –
233Stardoll Proxy –
234Proxy 4 Freedom –
235Free Proxy Server –
236The Best Proxy –
237VPN Browse –
238Proxy 2014 –
239Proxy One –
240Hide The Internet –
241Web Proxy Free –
242World Cup Proxy –
243View Youtube –
244Proxay –
245Greatest Free Proxy – –
2474everproxy –
248Unblock My Web –
249YouTube Unblock Proxy –
250Working Proxy –
251Free Open Proxy –
252Proxy 2014 –
253Proxify –
254Ninja Clock –
255AnonyMouse –
256AnonyMizer –
257kProxy –
258HideMyAss –
259Zfreez –
260Vobas –
261Don’t Filter –
262Vtunnel – –
264New Ip Now –
265Unblock YouTube Free –
266Free YouTube –
267HideOnline Proxy –
268Rapid Proxy –
269Unblock YouTube Beat School –
270Hiding Your Info –
271Unblocker –
272Fast USA Proxy –
273YouTube Free Proxy –
274Proxyo –
275Quickproxy –
276Defilter –
277Free Proxy Server –
278Free YouProxyTube –
279The Best Proxy –
280EXCS –
281Just Proxy –
282Proxy-2014 –
283VPN Browse –
284ProxyOne –
285Web Proxy Free –
286Can’t Block This –
287Hide The Internet –
288Greatest Free Proxy –
289Proxay –
290ViewTube –
291PRO Unblock –
292HideMyTraxProxy –
293Working Proxy –
294Star Doll Proxy –
295HideMyAss UK –
296F4FP –
298Proxy 4 Freedom –
299WebSurf Proxy –
300Fish Proxy –
301DZ Hot –
3021FreeProxy –
303Sporium –
304Saoudi Proxy –
305Proxy Browse –
306Proxy Internet –
307Jezus Loves This Proxy –
308German Proxy –
309CA Proxies –
310Proxy 2015 –
311FB Proxies –
312America Proxy –
313PK Proxy –
314Suede Proxy –
315To Proxy –
316PHProxy –
317London Proxy –
318Kr Proxy –
319Brazil Proxy –
320Canada Proxy –
321US Proxy –
322Spedo –
323US Proxy –
324You Liaoren –
325Zacebook PK –
326Proxys –
327Justun Block IT –
328Network ByPass –
329Go Proxy –
330Proxy This –
331Me Hide –
332Zalmos –
333kProxy Site –
334Xite Now –
335Hidden Digital –
336Surf For Free –
337Intern Cloud –
338Singapore Proxy –
339PRO Intern –
340Fast Time –
341Work Host –
342Travel VPN –
343Proxy Call MeNames –
344Host App –
345Fun Proxy –
374Math Course
375Unblocker –
376Fast USA Proxy –
377Anonymouse –
378Hidden Digital Info –
379Anony Mizer –
380K Proxy –
381Don’t Filter –
382Working Proxy –
383Just Proxy –
384Extreme Proxy –
385Fast School Proxy –
386Remove Filters –
387Monster Proxy –
388Hide Me Ass –
389UK – Proxy –
390Proxy 2014 –
391Prox Me Call Me Names –
392Change IP & Country –
393VTunnel –
394Rapid Proxy –
395Ninja Cloak –
396Unlock My Web –
397Proxy Site –
398Hide My Ass –
399Free YouTube Proxy –
400Proxy –
401England Proxy –
402Proxyo –
403DeFilter –
404Quick Proxy –
405Mega Proxy –
406Crazy Proxy –
407IP Switcher –
408Hide My Trax Proxy –
409Stardoll Proxy –
410Proxy 4 Freedom –
411Free Proxy Server –
412The Best Proxy –
413VPN Browse –
414Proxy 2014 –
415Proxy One –
416Hide The Internet –
417Web Proxy Free –
418World Cup Proxy –
419View Youtube –
420Proxay –
421Greatest Free Proxy – –
4234everproxy –
424Unblock My Web –
425YouTube Unblock Proxy –
426Working Proxy –
427Free Open Proxy –
428Proxy 2014 –
429Proxify –
430Ninja Clock –
431AnonyMouse –
432AnonyMizer –
433kProxy –
434HideMyAss –
435Zfreez –
436Vobas –
437Don’t Filter –
438Vtunnel – –
440New Ip Now –
441Unblock YouTube Free –
442Free YouTube –
443HideOnline Proxy –
444Rapid Proxy –
445Unblock YouTube Beat School –
446Hiding Your Info –
447Unblocker –
448Fast USA Proxy –
449YouTube Free Proxy –
450Proxyo –
451Quickproxy –
452Defilter –
453Free Proxy Server –
454Free YouProxyTube –
455The Best Proxy –
456EXCS –
457Just Proxy –
458Proxy-2014 –
459VPN Browse –
460ProxyOne –
461Web Proxy Free –
4624Ever Proxy –
463KProxy Site –
464Surf for Free –
465Intern Cloud –
466Pro Intern –
467Singapore Proxy –
468Work Host –
469Travel VPN –
470Fast Time –
471Rexoss –
472Hide IP Proxy –
473Host App –
474Proxy Pirate –
475Pun Proxy –
476Hide N Seek –
477Orange Proxy –
478Free Publick Proxy –
479Push Proxy –
480Cool Proxy –
481Proxy Tube –
482Free Open Proxy –
483Hope Proxy –
484Safe Proxy –
485Private Surf –
486Europe Proxy –
487tealth Proxy –
488SSL Proxy –
489FB Proxies –
490America Proxy –
491PK Proxy –
492Suede Proxy –
493To Proxy –
494PHProxy –
495London Proxy –
496Kr Proxy –
497Brazil Proxy –
498Canada Proxy –
499US Proxy –
500Spedo –
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No doubt, this list of proxy servers are very much easy to use. This special quality makes it one of the most famous tool among the younger generation. You can select the required proxy servers for school and enter it in the address bar which is provided to you. You would then be automatically redirected to the website with the help of it.

proxy sites for school

However, it is necessary that you don’t use any of the third party list of proxy servers in which you would have to use your login id to gain access. Such proxies for school can be dangerous as they would sometimes steal your critical information. In situations like these you can yourself create a proxy sites for school. One thing you need to keep in mind is not all the list of proxy servers are safe and most of them could steal your information as they contain adwares, viruses, malwares, etc.


To conclude, it is important to have a precaution on when you are going to use the list of proxy servers 2018. Of course, as they are free, temptation can be high in choosing in them but you need to keep in mind that 100% guarantee cannot be said with regard its usage. So, it is important to check out the various variables of it before you proceed.

We hope you enjoy our post of best free proxy servers list. It is the best proxy sites for school till now. We regularly update it here. You will always find the new and working list of these proxies. If you really like it then you can even share this with your friends. To share it with your friends you can use the below given social media options. Bookmark this page to get latest updates on best free proxy servers list 2018.

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